Through a grassroots‐built action network, Just A Little advocates for other non‐profits who need immediate assistance.

Just a Little (JAL) is a non‐profit foundation focused on facilitating a grassroots movement through its network of prominent and influential people in entertainment, politics and business to encourage people to give what they can by asking for what is available rather than a quantifiable amount. JAL serves as a catalyst for other existing nonprofits to tap into a publicity‐driven database to better serve and support their causes. Identifying beneficiary nonprofits that operate with complete transparency and accountability is our paramount priority to ensure that every dollar raised is not wasted. All it takes is just a little to buy basic supplies like food, water, a mosquito net, or a simple pill that can save a life. As the world is currently facing some of the harshest economic times, all it takes is just a little to help a lot.




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